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Paul and Minnie have a huge heart to see restoration and integration of everyone in to the Kingdom of God. This drives their heart to lead Streets4Christ as-well as working full-time. Paul and Minnie serve and worship at the Haven and minister in churches throughout Nottingham.

Both have an incredible story of the restoration, releasing and healing power of Jesus.


Paul shares some of his story on “The Reality Show” first shown on Revelation TV in November 2023.

Paul experienced much abuse as a child. As an adult he became addicted to crack and heroine. A life of crime ensued. Suicidal he cried out, ” God if you are real, please help me.” Join Dudley Anderson on this episode of The Reality Show.

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We are very happy to partner with Streets4Christ who provide support to many people in Nottingham.
Streets4 Christ are a charitable organization who are supported by Churches, buisness’s and Individuals. They on the generosity of the public for donations & volunteers. They are active in sharing their mission and raising funds to continue their work.
Their vision for the future of the project are extensive. and include becoming an organization that offers a structured support & an aftercare system. Which enables our service users to access a wide range of resources, in order to rehabilitate & integrate them back into society. Find out more about the fantastic work of Streets4Christ HERE

Monday Nights – Every Monday 7pm @ All Souls



Every Monday Streets4Christ provide a sit down meal for ANYONE who is hungry

@ All Souls Church and Community Centre
Ilkeston Road


Wednesday nights


Out on the streets!


Streets4Christ was born out of a desire to help those that society walked past. Every Wednesday regardless of the weather, we are on the streets of nottingham with our trusty bags, supplying a Hot drink, sandwiches, water and other essentials, including gloves, hats, and sleeping bags.

Every Wednesday 6pm @ the Market Square

Now every Friday 1:30pm @ St Nic’s

Every Friday a time of worship and a message of hope, followed by a 2 course meal.

Everyone welcome!

@ St Nic’s
Nottingham, NG1 6AE

Streets for Christ Friday
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